Why Study in South Korea?

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    Cost of Living

    If there is anything university students love, it is the chance to save some money. Embarking on a year abroad may seem like an expensive pursuit, but studying in Korea is a lot easier on your bank account than you may realize.

    Accommodation, transportation and eating outing are all extremely cheap. Even Seoul, which many expect to be expensive like other capital cities, can be enjoyed on a budget by students who are worried about the financial implications of studying abroad. By far the most expensive part of your year abroad is likely to be your plane ticket.


    Most universities offer students the opportunity to take a course in the Korean language during their exchange. This ranges from classes for complete beginners, to classes for more advanced learners who have studied Korean before.

    The ability to speak another language is invaluable to employers these days and learning Korean will be extremely beneficial to those planning to return to Korea after their exchange. And if you don’t have the opportunity to study the language, you will be surprised how much you will pick up in your daily life.

    Quality Education

    The Korean education system is like no other. With most of the Korean youth growing up attending additional after school institutions, it is no surprise that Korean universities are among the best in Asia.

    The quality of education and the dedication to achieving highly is exceptional. Attending a Korean university will inspire you to work hard and compete with students at the top of their game.

    Affiliated Institutions

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