Why Study in Latvia?

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    Tuition fees and living costs are generally lower than the costs in most ``Western Countries``.

    Universities are well known for producing high quality IT and engineering graduates.

    EU membership means that a degree from Latvia is equivalent to other EU countries, making it easier to get credentials recognized.

    You will have all the benefits of living in a European country with lower costs than many westernized EU nations.

    The capital of Latvia, Rīga, is an attractive, lively, cosmopolitan city, but less expensive than many other Western European capitals.

    Quality education at international standards in English.

    Internationally recognized undergraduate and graduate programs.

    Education in line with the American Credit System.

    Qualified faculty members at international standards.

    On-campus education with a wide range of facilities.

    Student can work 20 Hrs a week.

    Affordable tuition fees and moderate living expenses.

    Excellent facilities for social, cultural and sports activities.

    Medical insurance, provided by the government of Latvia.

    Transport, shops and entertainment are close at hand.

    Accommodation on campus and around the city.

    Paid internships Guaranteed.

    Affiliated Institutions

    TSI University of Applied Science