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Why Study in Russia?

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Russia is situated in Eastern Europe. Russia has a long-standing tradition in high-quality education for all citizens and international student.

In recent years, the system of education of the Russian Federation has been undergoing drastic changes in the framework of the comprehensive transformation of the country as a whole. The main changes have been proceeding along the following lines:

Diversification – the emergence of new types of educational institutions, the introduction of a multi-level higher education system (Bakalavr and Magistr degrees in addition to the traditional Diplom-Specialist degree), and profound changes in curricula;

Democratization – expansion of academic freedom and institutional autonomy, an increase in the number of public and buffer organizations;

Quality of Education – strengthening of a mechanism for evaluation and quality control;

Content of Education – in-depth changes in many disciplines, especially in political science, history, economics, law, and others.

Benefits of Studying in Russia

They offer a wide range of programs.

Well equipped and high standard laboratories

Low tuition fees - Study MBBS for as low as $4,000 including accommodation

Good environment

Modern campus

Leading professors in all fields

The university operates an advanced education system

The university degree is accepted throughout Europe

No IELTS needed.

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