Why Study in Hungary?

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    Hungary holds a lot of benefits that make it a highly competitive destination for studying abroad ranging from being a member of the European Union to being a Schengen State.

    Member of Schengen States and EU: Hungary sits at the heart of Europe from where other European countries are easy to reach and with a Schengen visa you can gain easy access to over 26 countries within the Schengen zone

    Competitive Academic Standards

    High standard programs with quite favorable tuition fees in terms of international comparison, Hungary is also renowned when it comes to research. A good number of Institutions in Hungary award British Degrees to their students at the end of their programs and most of their courses are taught using English medium which makes learning easier.

    Suitable choice for Business and Management Degrees: Ranging from Undergraduate to Postgraduate degrees, you can be rest assured that Hungarian Universities have a rich variety of Management courses to offer.

    Reasonably Affordable Cost of Living

    Students enjoy leaving in a peaceful and conducive environment all at affordable cost which attracts more and more international students to Hungary.

    Study At IBS Hungary

    About IBS Hungary

    Established in 1991 as the first private higher education college in Central Europe, IBS has grown to be one of the best dynamic business school across the region.

    In cooperation with The University of Buckingham, they offer a wide range of 3-years Bachelor’s, 1-year Master’s and doctoral programmes, all leading to prestigious British degrees. To know more about IBS Hungary, CLICK HERE

    Higher Study Nigeria has earned the exclusive right of partnership as a middle-man/channel to help students in Nigeria secure their admission into IBS and have a smooth transition to Hungary.

    Bachelor's Programmes

    BSc in Financial Management

    BSc in Management

    BSc in Management with Tourism

    BSc in Management with Arts

    BSc in Management with Marketing

    BSc in Management with Psychology

    BSc in Business and Diplomacy

    Master's Programmes

    MSc in International Management

    MSc in Human Resource Management

    MSc in Marketing Management

    Master in Business Administration (MBA)

    MSc in Financial Management

    Master's By Research Programmes

    MSc in Brand Management

    MSc in Financial Consulting

    MSc in Development Economics

    MA in International Affairs and Diplomacy

    MA in Art History

    Doctorate Programmes

    DPhil (PhD) in Art History

    DPhil (PhD) in Business and Management

    DPhil (PhD) in Economics

    DPhil (PhD) in International Affairs

    To apply for any of these programmes, simply apply here.

    Other Affiliated Institutions

    Budapest Metropolitan University

    Let’s help you gain admission and get settled in Hungary