Why Study in Ireland?

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    Although Irish Gaelic is recognised as the official language of Ireland, only 36% of the Irish population speak it and the country is predominantly English spoken.

    You may have heard the Irish accent on TV or film, and it may overwhelm you at first. But you will soon become accustomed to it, and living and studying in Ireland is a great way to improve your listening and speaking ability.

    Post-study Visa

    One of the major benefits of studying in Ireland is the post-study visa. This makes it easier for students to look for job opportunities in the country after they graduate and, once they have found employment, they are then eligible to apply for a green card/work permit.

    In addition, the Irish government has also agreed to extend the ‘stay back option’ to two years from one year for non-EU/EEA students who study at level 9 or above in the national framework.

    Culture and Lifestyle

    Ireland is like few places on earth. Beautiful landscapes, scenic beauty, famous hospitality, and rich culture of music, drinking, and sport.

    Did you know that there is one pub per 100 people in Dublin? Your main goal is to study hard, but letting your hair down is encouraged!

    Part-Time Jobs

    Want to make some extra money, or earn valuable work experience in an English speaking environment while studying in Ireland?

    Students can work up to 20 hours during semester months and 40 hours during holidays.


    Ireland is famous as an international hub for high quality scientific research.

    Many students from around the world, including India, visit Ireland to pursue research in various fields.

    Affiliated Institutions

    Griffith College

    Limerick Institute of Technology

    TU Dublin (Technology University Dublin)

    Dorest College

    University of Cork

    Galway Business School

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