Malaysia is among the cheapest countries to study in for international students. The tuition fees and cost of living at universities and colleges in Malaysia are considerably low when compared to those in developing world. Those international students, who academically qualify to study in Malaysia, also have the advantage of easy immigration procedure. The visa denial rate of international applicants is also very low compared to those of other developed countries. Additionally, some of the Malaysian universities are also ranked high in the Asian ranking lists.

Federal University

Federal universities offer scholarship to international students in the form of paying low tuition fees. Most of these universities are top rated in Malaysia and Asia in general. Some also have international affiliations. Scholarships are available for post-graduate studies at Masters and PhD level at Malaysian universities. 

Private Universities

Individuals own private universities in Malaysia or top rated universities in UK, USA, Australia, Ireland, etc. For degree level, applicants can start and finish degree courses in Malaysia or get transfer to affiliate university to complete degree and will bag certificate of the affiliate university in either option. With good academic performance school fees can be reduced when transferred to an affiliate university. For example, if a student is on transfer to say an affiliate in UK, with good academic performance he/she can get up to 50% rebate off normal school fees. 

Tuition Fees

Between - 3,500-4,500 dollar per session/year. Degree duration is between 2-3 years depending on the course of study

Between 3,000-8,000 dollars per program (MBA is the highest). Normally a master program is for one year.

Depending on the course and university. The duration of the program is 36 months for PhD and between 12 to 24 months for Masters program. Tuition is highly subsidized

Affiliated Institution

  • MAHSA University